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An Interview with Charles Worthington: 30 Years in the Making

It was just over 30 years ago that the legendary stylist Charles Worthington opened his first salon in Charlotte Place. Alongside his sister Jane and business partner Allan Peters, Charles Worthington set about the creation of the UK’s most renowned and prestigious hairdressing brand.

30 years later, Charles Worthington Salons have become a staple on the beauty scene for celebrities and A-listers across Britain and beyond.

Charles Worthington Photo

Charles himself having scooped up dozens of prestigious accolades along the way, including but not limited to the following:

  • Fellowship for British Hairdressing Lifetime Achievement Award (2015)
  • Awarded MBE for Services to Hairdressing (2006)
  • Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year (1998)
  • Men’s Hairdresser of the Year (1998)
  • British Hairdresser of the Year (1996 and 1998)
  • London Hairdresser of the Year (1993 and 1994)

But despite the meteoric success of the Charles Worthington brand, it continues to operate even to this day as a family business

Charles Worthington

Interview with Charles Worthington: The Charles Worthington Product Collection

Having celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017, now seemed the perfect time to reflect on the brand’s incredible and ongoing success story. And who better to answer a few questions on the growing Charles Worthington product collection than the man himself?

Here’s what Charles Worthington had to say about his company’s premium-quality hair care lines:

How did you start out with your idea for the products?

I wanted to create products that were an affordable luxury so that they were efficacious and smelt wonderful with a beautiful fragrance. And they also look stunning in your bathroom.

Interview with Charles Worthington - Charles Worthington Products

How long did it take from starting out to hitting the shelves?

From the initial concept to the products actually going on the shelf, it was approximately a two-year period. This involved developing the products, developing fine fragrances and creating unique packaging.

Where did the product’s launch?

We initially launched the products in Boots exclusively, which was a huge success. After which, we followed this up with launches in America, Australia, the Far East and other international markets.

What set the products apart from your competitors?

People were initially enticed by the unique and stylish elliptical-shaped packaging. Then, they flipped open the lid to smell the beautiful and unique fine fragrances we used in all of our products. We kept the price point competitive and affordable, so once they tried any of the products, they were hooked. Mostly because the products always deliver exactly what it says on the bottle.

How did you go about the development and manufacturing process?

I did careful research to seek out the best formulator, the best packaging designer and the best fragrance house. Then I worked tirelessly in laboratories, testing products day in and day out, never compromising until each product was perfect and actually overdelivering on my own expectations.

Why the unique design shape of the bottles?

I wanted to create a unique and beautiful shape for the bottles so that it would stand out on the shelf and look beautiful as an accessory in your bathroom. Something different to an ordinary bottle of shampoo. We achieved this with the elliptical shape which became instantly recognisable.

The Results range had a beautiful selection of colours, making it easy to identify your hair type. We also embellished the bottles with an aluminium band around the top to give it a more exclusive look.

Why did they become so successful?

Quite simply, they became successful because they were a genuine affordable luxury for every home. Products for looking great and making your hair beautiful every single time, effortlessly and at an affordable price.

Interview with Charles Worthington - Collection

What were the standout hero products of the collection?

The standout hero products in the Results range were the Moisture Seal Glossing Shampoo and the Super Conditioner, which transformed dry and frazzled hair into beautiful shiny locks.

We also then went on to develop many other ranges, using skincare technology and applying it to haircare, which was a first for Charles Worthington. After which, we went on to develop Big Hair, which was a specialist range of products to give the hair huge volume and texture. We also developed a solution range for dry scalps, sensitive scalps and other hair problems, which was a specialist range of haircare and skincare products for men.

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