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Bebe Lights – This seasons hottest trend!

Is your hair spring ready?

The hottest blonde hair colour technique by our creative team at Charles Worthington Salons. This technique is a twist on the classic full head of highlights. Using micro fine highlights carefully placed throughout the hair, the colour of your hair is invisibly lightened. These micro fine highlights are a perfect for a natural blonde look as the micro fine highlights are soft and not contrasted, this helps blend your roots. Bebe Lights is the perfect new service for your blonde highlights or grown out balayage. These Bebe Lights soften your roots and regrowth

Our long standing client Katie Bowen came in for her regular highlights we then spoke to her about Bebe Lights. Katie has been having her highlights done for many years here and has always been concerned about her dark blonde regrowth coming through. Katie had always wanted to go blonder overall and lighten up her hair, especially in time for summer. We assured her through a personalised consultation that although her hair will be lighter and brighter, it will still be natural and subtle but with a healthy glow.

Whilst positioning the Bebe Lights around Katie’s head we informed her that when her roots start to come through there is no need to wait every 8 weeks for her bigger appointment. She can come in every 4 weeks for a quick and easy touch up! This helps with regrowth as you are now not left with a dark root line before your next appointment. We create a bespoke glaze to be applied at the roots that gives the illusion of slightly darker blond, this helps create an all over natural appearance.

Once the glaze had been washed off and Katie’s hair had been blow dried, we asked her for her first impressions of her new Bebe Lights. ‘I love them. It makes such a difference having the Bebe Lights. The overall look of my hair and my skin is so much brighter and fresher. I know I look like I have blonder hair but it looks so much more natural than before.’


We couldn’t agree more with what Katie has said! The Micro Fine Bebe Lights are designed to brighter your overall complexion and make your skin glow!

Katie came back in 4 weeks later for a touch up and says everyone keeps commenting on her glowing complexion. ‘Everyone says I am looking radiant which is wonderful to hear. No one seemed shocked by the colour change of my hair; it must be because it is such a natural version of highlights. My roots are coming through and yet I barely notice them now, they blend so much better! I don’t think I will ever go back to the standard blonde highlights, not now there is Bebe Lights’