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Get the Look: Be Colourful

Be Bright, Be Bold, Be Colourful…

Be Colourful

Experiment with Applique – this summer’s hottest hair technique from the CW creative team, perfect for brightening up even the greyish British summer time. Whether you want to be bold for a week or the whole summer, Applique is the best way to experiment with colour.

Tasha, part of the CW creative team, demonstrates how to get the Be Colourful look using L’Oréal’s new Colourful Hair range.

Be Colourful

The Applique technique combines two or more shades in interlocking triangles to create an iridescent fusion of colours. First adding colour to the roots, before slowly adding it to the ends for less time, Tasha create a beautiful pearly, pastelised effect – picture perfect for the festival season.

Be Colourful

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(Salon Secret: If you just want to Be Colourful for a week, and want it to fade quite quickly go for the pinks or purples, if you want the colour to last slightly longer try one of the blues or greens.)