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Loose the January Blues


How to get nourished and hydrated hair through the cold winter months…

Stephanie Peers

The gorgeous Stephanie Peers visited our talented Head of Creative Cutting and Styling, Gorka Arraras, at The House for a little winter pick me up. Gorka explains how you can bring back that summer feeling to your hair by picking the right treatment.

Throughout the colder winter months it’s very easy for your hair to get a bit dry and lacklustre. All the hours inside, the cold weather and lack of sunshine doesn’t create a great environment for your hair and it can often lack moisture.

Gorka explains that for Stephanie he used the Kerastase Elix Ultime Treatment, one of the most nourishing and moisturising treatments we offer at Charles Worthington Salons, and fantastic for bringing life back into your hair during those winter months.

The treatment is applied onto the hair after it’s washed with Kerastase Bain du Elixir. The hair is then towel dried before the Elixir Masque and Elixir Oil are combed through the hair and left to rest under a hot towel for 10 minutes. The results are beautifully hydrated and conditioned hair which you can show off until the sun finally comes out. I think we can all agree that Stephanie left the salon looking amazing.

Not only is the treatment fantastic for your hair, it also has the added bonus of being truly luxurious and pampering, both you and your hair will feel revived.

We offer a whole range of fantastic luxury hair treatments at Charles Worthington Salons which can combat pretty much every problem you might have with your hair. Ask your stylist for their advice or book an appointment by phoning 020 7831 5303.