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Online Doctor Prescription Valium, Online Valium Sales

Top tips from Percy Street stylist’s Fran and Tasha

Two of our stylists jetted off into the sunshine to Dubrovnik. Here they tell us what their best buys for their summer holiday were, and how they got salon perfect hair whilst chilling by the pool.

Fran – Protecting Bleached Hair

What she used and why?

Resistance Bain Force Architecte (£18.60) – this protects damaged blonde hair from the added sunshine

Soleil Bain Apres Solei (£18.60) This helps to remove chlorine from your hair stopping the dreaded blonde turns green moment

Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure (£21.80) Like the Bain Force, the Anti-Usure helps to protect bleached hair from the added damage strong UV rays cause

Resistance Serum Therapiste (£21.80) Fran used this on the ends of her hair, which get particularly dry especially with all the swimming and sunbathing, it helps to repair any damage caused by the sun and prevents any further damage

Tasha – Stop the Frizz

What she used and why?

Nutritive Bain Olea Relax (£18.60) this is great for unruly hair, it helps to smooth and control frizz, essential on any sunny holiday

Nutritive Olea Relax Oil (£21.80) – this restores the moisture that you’ve lost throughout the day because of all the sun that you’ve been soaking up

Discipline Maskeratine* (£30.20) – the perfect masque to help nourish and treat dry and frizzy hair in humidity

Discipline Keratine Thermique* (21.80)– a fantastic heat protector, great to use before your blowdry but also essential whilst on holiday when your hair is exposed to extra heat throughout the day

Discipline Fluidissime* (21.80) – heat protector spray, use in combination Keratine Thermique to give an extra kick and protect your hair from those strong UV rays

*Combine to give your hair 72 hours protection from humidity, essential for all of us who suffer from frizz, especially whilst on holiday!

A little extra treat this summer: We’re offering 10% discount on all retail products this August.**

(**Excludes all electrical and Ariane Poole products, offer ends 31/08/2017)