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Perfect Bridal Hair

Top Tips From Senior Stylist Becky Jennings

perfect bridal hair

1. Go for a trial with your hairdresser at least 2 months before your wedding day.

2. Expect to have 2 or more appointments in order to achieve the perfect look.

3. On your first appointment try a few different styles so you can see which look suits you best.

4. Bring pictures of your wedding dress to your appointment so that you and your hairdresser can consider the neckline of the dress. This is the most important factor to consider when deciding on your wedding hair.

5. Do research on Instagram and bring lots of pictures of styles you like to your appointment. Don’t just look at wedding hair – take inspiration from red carpets and fashion shows too.

6. Always wash your hair the night before your appointment not the morning of, this makes it easier to style. This goes for the big day too.

7. Book a hair appointment and dress fitting on the same day. A style, no matter how well planned, can look completely different when paired with your dress. For bonus points book a make-up appointment on the same day too, that way you can see the look in full before your wedding day, you can even book a dual appointment with celebrity make-up artist Ariane Poole.

8.   Once you’ve tried your hair with your dress this is the time to make your final decision. If you’ve changed your mind and want to change styles, don’t be afraid to tell your hairdresser. It may be time to try something completely different or simply make a few tweaks.

9. Try organising a girls night out after an appointment and take lots of photos (they don’t need to go online). It’s the perfect test run to see how your hair fairs with lots of dancing and how it looks from lots of different angles.

10. Have an amazing wedding day!

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