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Valium Where To Buy, Buy Valium 2Mg

Here at CW we’re always keen to put our new products to the test, so I was really excited to get my hands on Extentioniste, promising to banish split ends for good. Using new strengthening and added flexibility technology, the Kerastase angels have heard those fraying ends pleas for help and have brought us Extentioniste.

Through using a mixture of in salon treatments and at home applications, you no longer need to worry about one hair becoming ten. Seriously, how does one hair manage to split in three different places? After you come into the salon for the first treatment (let the pampering begin!), you can take away the ‘at home’ training program. Sounds complicated, I know, but it’s just a new (and magical) shampoo, conditioner and masque.

As someone who as always struggled with pesky split ends (no matter how much I chop off or reduce the amount of heat I put on my hair, they always come back with a vengeance) I have been amazed by how quickly Extentioniste gets to action. After just a few shampoo/conditioner applications you can already see such a massive difference to the condition of the ends of your hair. It feels so much stronger over all.

Getting Rid of Split Ends

Although it can’t get rid of your existing split ends 100% (unfortunately it’s not actually magic), to get rid of them completely you will still need to come in for a good chop (check out our new #CUTBYCW collection for inspiration), it does wonders at reducing them and strengthening your hair. If you struggle with split ends then give it a go.

or phone 020 7831 5303 to find out more